Tuesday 24 October 2023

The Blogchatter Book of Thrillers: Multiple Authors

Book: The Blogchatter Book of Thrillers
Author: Multiple Authors
Publisher: Readomania

I was provided a Media Copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Do you think a short story can give you spine tingling chills?

What goes on in the minds of people on the threshold of doing something drastic? A woman convinced there's a presence at her window that only she can see; a collector who has an unusual interest in fingerprints of her victims; an unsettled man blaming everything on his wife; a low-caste child trying to make sense of India's freedom; a haunted guest house room and the ghost that goes away; a reclusive and aggressive teenager who loves lizards—the stories explore times long ago, realms we never knew existed, the deep recesses of the human mind, and fears that become aggressions. The Blogchatter Book of Thrillers features 15 thrilling stories from Blogchatter's community writers—these tales will chill, scare and stay in your head and heart.

The book is a collection of 15 stories that explore various aspects of human & non-human entities and their interaction with the human world. The stories are not just thrillers or filled with spook, but they also comment on the society and evils that reside inside it. Each of the stories have been written wonderfully, and I loved that no two stories were similar. The fifteen stories keep you gripped as you turn the pages and the climax of the stories sent a chill down my spine. Out of the fifteen stories, the ones that really caught my attention were One Night by Tarang Sinha, The Dactyist by Anushree Saha and Hartoli’s Duty by Suchita Agarwal because of the amazing storytelling and the impact the climax had on me. One Night stood out because of the theme as well as the way it is narrated which makes you visualize the story as it unfolds. The Dactyist was something I didn’t expect and each paragraph brought a twist into the story. The way scenes unfold, you are terrified to the core, and the last paragraph just makes you look up from the book and check your surroundings. Hartoli’s Duty as a story was quite interesting and kept me wondering as to where this was going until the moment when the boat stops and you realise the point of the story.

Overall, this is a wonderful collection of stories that will enthrall you, scare you but also make you think. The book scores a 4.5/5 for me.

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List of Authors in this Anthology:

  1. Against my Windowpane: Rehana Sultana
  2. The Last Rasam: Anuradha Shetty
  3. The Secrets of Nandini Rutuja: Roma Gupta Sinha
  4. Memory's Missing Piece: Kajal Kapur
  5. What Tomorrow Holds: Deepti Menon
  6. The Encounter: Chinmayee Sahu
  7. Fragments of Yesterday: Huma Masood
  8. The Fields: Nirmiti Narain
  9. One Night: Tarang Sinha
  10. The Dactyist: Anushree Saha
  11. Black: Dr. Alpna Das Sharma
  12. A Husband's Guide to Set a Wife Right: Rahul Vishnoi
  13. The Silver Anklet: Harshita Nanda
  14. What Runs in our Blood: Roshan Radhakrishnan
  15. Hartoli's Duty: Suchita Agarwal


  1. So happy to know the story stood out to you. And you're so right - no two stories are alike.

  2. Thank you for this lovely review. So glad you liked the book. And thank you so much for the mention!! It means a lot. :)

  3. Reading this book has been a unique experience for me too.